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Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

I wrote an article some while back on some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop. Ever since, I've gotten requests to do a similar article on keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom.

Library Module
Tab — Toggle the left and right side panels on and off. If you hold down the Shift key while hitting Tab you can toggle the bottom filmstrip panel as well. Great for when you really just want to look at images without the distractions of those pesky panels.

T — Toggle the bottom toolbar on or off. This is about the only thing that Shift-Tab won't get out of the way, but the T key does the trick.

Enter — Select an image and hit the Enter key to view that image in loupe mode. Hit Enter again to zoom to 1:1 view.

Escape — Return to the previous view.

Space bar — Toggle between loupe and 1:1 zoom view.

E, Z and G — Press the E key to enter loupe mode. Or press Z at any time to zoom to 1:1 view. Press G to return to the grid.

Control-Plus and Control-Minus (Command with +/- on Mac) — The standard Photoshop zoom keyboard shortcuts work too, assuming you are already in loupe or zoom view.

1 through 5 — Assign the current image a rating. Press 0 to clear your current rating. You can also use [ or ] (left and right square bracket keys) to decrease or increase a rating. These also work in the Develop module.

C — Select two images and press C to enter compare mode. If only one image is selected, the one to its right will be used as the second image automatically.

L — Lights Out mode. Press L once and all images not currently selected will be dimmed so you can concentrate on the selected ones. Press L again and the lights go completely out for everything not selected. Press L once more and you're back to the normal view. Works in the Develop module too. I love Lights Out mode when going through a bunch of images.

Control-R — Select an image and hit Control-R (Command-R on Mac) to open the folder where that image is actually located on your hard drive. This can be a lifesaver if you need to get at that image for something Lightroom doesn't know about.

Backspace (Delete key on Mac) — Pops up a dialog asking if you want to remove the selected image from the Library, or completely delete it (move it to the Windows trash can). Alt-Backspace moves to the Windows trashcan without the prompt.

Develop Module
+ and (Plus and Minus) — Increases or decreases the current slider value, just as in Photoshop. Hold down the Shift key at while pressing +/- to move the slider in larger increments.

J — Turn on or off the shadow/highlight clipping display.

\ (backslash) — Toggle the image to before/after views. Hit \ once to see what the image looked like before you started working on it. Hit \ again to go back to what it looks like with your current Develop settings.

Control-E (Command-E on Mac) — Open the selected image in Photoshop. If the image is a raw file, it will be converted using the current Develop settings. It does not open Adobe Camera Raw.

Control-I — Turns on or off the overlay text of image information.

Slideshow, Print and Web Modules
The Slideshow, Print and Web modules have keyboard shortcuts too, but I spend a lot more time in Library and Develop so I won't go into details here.

Some people love keyboard shortcuts. Others work almost exclusively with a mouse. If you're a keyboarder, hopefully you've still picked up something new here. If you're a mouse person, hopefully I've prodded you into trying to branch out a bit and use your keyboard. They call these keystrokes "shortcuts" since you really can save time by using them.

Date posted: February 28, 2010


Copyright © 2010 Bob Johnson, Earthbound Light - all rights reserved.
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