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Columbia Lillies at Mt. RainierThis time of year, the wildflowers in the mountains around where I live are starting to bloom, so I've been taking lots of close-ups at ground level lately. Something I have found over the past few years that makes a huge difference for this sort of work is a right-angle viewfinder attachment.

Minolta Anglefinder VNNikon makes the DR-4 Right Angle Finder, but what I like even better is Minolta's Anglefinder VN along with the now-discontinued Kirk adapter (FA-1). Together, this gives me the ability to easily use the viewfinder in hard-to-use positions such as at ground level. The finder can be rotated 180 degrees so it easily accommodates both horizontal and vertical framing. There's also a switch that will give you a 2x magnification of the central portion of the image so focus can be checked even more accurately.

No matter which brand or version you use these little guys can come in handy. Given that the alternative is lying with your face on the ground, I'd say a right-angle finder attachment is a great investment.

Date posted: August 4, 2002


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