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Yesterday, it rained much of the day here in Seattle; it's getting to be that time of year. Today has been good weather though.

Much of the year, I can reasonably rely on the weather forecast to help determine when to go out shooting, but not lately. The weathermen always have a hard time of it in the fall since things changed so rapidly. Clear and warm one day, then overcast and rainy the next. I remember one weekend the weather was supposed to be so-so on Saturday, then nice on Sunday. I got up Saturday, and it actually seemed reasonably nice out, so I figured it was going to be that way all weekend. I went ahead did what I had planned to do however and took care of doing laundry, running errands and such on Saturday, figuring Sunday would be at least as nice. As you may have already guessed, I and the weatherman were proved wrong come Sunday morning when I woke up to rain outside.

One thing I learned long ago living in the Northwest however is not to rely on the weather forecast when it's not reliable. When the weather is nice this time of year, seize the day. Don't assume that because the weather channel may claim tomorrow will be even nicer that it actually will be. Stay flexible and adapt your schedule to that of the weather. You can greatly increase your available shooting to by doing so, and that's something that's got to work in your favor, doesn't it?

Date posted: October 6, 2002


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Nature Photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond by Bob Johnson

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