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Getting to Digital One Step at a Time

If you have a lot of dependence on your film-based camera and workflow, you may feel a bit uneasy about the prospect of jumping into digital. Simply connecting a consumer digicam to your computer and printing out snapshots isn't a problem, but getting professional results from a digital SLR requires at least a reasonable familiarity with a PC or Mac. If you're not comfortable with computer, you may find owning a digital SLR a frustrating experience.

One option is take only a half-step into the digital world by investing in a good slide scanner. By starting with the digital darkroom before moving to digital capture, you won't jeopardize your current workflow. Your original slides are still just as good and you can do with them the same thing you always have, while at the same time you can be learning about PhotoShop, color management, and other exciting topics. Once you're comfortable with that part, you will be in a better position to start doing digital capture.

With a film camera, an understanding of f/stops and exposure is necessary to consistently get the best results. With a digital camera, an understanding of color profiles, white balance and unsharp mask are just as necessary, to say nothing about basic mouse-clicking skills.

Obviously, this tip is only an suggestion that may not work for everyone, but don't feel like you have to run out and get a digital camera just to get some familiarity with a digital darkroom.

Date posted: November 24, 2002


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