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Exposure for Sunsets

I'll admit it, I like taking photos of sunsets. Exposing them correctly, though, seems to be something that many people have questions about.

Basic exposure is fairly simple: meter from an area of the sky near the sun, but be certain the sun is not in the frame when you meter, even with a spot meter. With no exposure compensation, this area will then become medium toned; areas closer to the sun (including the sun itself of course) will be brighter, and areas further away will be darker than medium. Sunset in Byron Bay, AustraliaThere is no one "correct" exposure though. If you want to simulate a look even closer to sunset, stop down a stop. If you like your sunsets lighter, open up the aperture some.

Remember that most anything in the frame with the sun could easily show up as a silhouette in any case.

Experiment with sunsets. No two are alike, so be ready, and have some fun.

Date posted: January 20, 2002


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