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The Most Underutilized Photo Accessory

I own a lot of camera equipment and accessories. I suppose it's a disease of sorts. The problem is, it all has a purpose. Many photographers seem to suffer from it, as I run into other people all the time with camera bags full of lenses, filters, and other interesting doodads and gizmos. In my experience though, the most underutilized photo accessory of all is the feet. Yes, that's right, the feet.

Don't be afraid to move around and work a subject to find an angle that works. Look at how things line up. Taking a step one way or another can sometimes make a huge difference. Try getting up close, or backing farther away. Don't just rely on zoom lenses to do the walking around for you. As you change focal lengths, you change how much or what's in front of you lens takes in. As you move with your feet, you also affect perspective.

Zooms do have their uses of course...

Date posted: December 23, 2001 (updated July 25, 2005)


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