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The Mountaineers

I moved to Seattle back in 1993, but for some reason it wasn't until last year that I joined the Mountaineers, a veritable western Washington institution for those interested in hiking and other outdoor activities. The thing I never knew until that time was that, along with hiking, mountain climbing, snow skiing, kayaking and the like, the Mountaineers also has a very active photography group. I have no excuse for not knowing, only that I had never taken the time to find out.

The third Wednesday of every month except March, the Mountaineers Photography Committee hosts a potluck dinner and slide show where members are encouraged to bring slides to share. Shooters of all skill levels are present, and it's a great way to network with other photographers. Given the Mountaineers main focus on the outdoors, people tend to bring nature and landscape slides, but others are also welcome; the variety itself makes the evening well worth it.

Additionally, each spring, the Mountaineers hosts a Photo Lecture series with professional photographers of regional and national acclaim. The 2002 series included such names as Feeman Patterson and Daryl Benson. For those just starting out, a Basic Photography course covering such topics as exposure and composition is also held each spring.

A variety of frequent field trips round out their photography offerings. These trips to locations throughout the Northwest range from day outings to more extended back-packs.

Complete details can be found on the Mountaineers site at

So, my advice to you? If you're at all interested in nature and outdoor photography and live in the Seattle area, don’t do what I did; find or make the time to join the Mountaineers. If you live elsewhere, check around to see if you have any photo clubs in your area.

Date posted: September 29, 2002


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