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Nature Weekends: Ideas for Where to Go

Sometimes you just want to get away for a quick weekend trip to take some photos but can't decide where to go. If you live in the northwest and are looking for some ideas, this week's PhotoTip is definitely for you. If you live elsewhere, you may just some ideas too.

Back in 2001, a good friend named Sunny Walter published a book with Janet O'Mara entitled Washington Nature Weekends. The book consists of a month-by-month guide to 52 nature destinations all across the state of Washington. Locations covered range from ones you probably already know to a number most will find less familiar. But whether it be wildflowers in the Olympic National Park or baby Osprey chicks along the Pend Orielle River, a visit to Mount St. Helens on the anniversary of its volcanic eruption or ripe huckleberries in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the book does a great job of describing the location, how to get there, and what to expect on your visit. Washington Nature Weekends is one book I often reach for when planning a trip.

There's also Oregon Nature Weekends by Jim Yuskavitch published in 2000 as well as Northern California Nature Weekends by Jeanne Clark and Robert Garrison from 2004. Both are similarly conceived to the Washington guide and recommended if you travel in these areas. I'm not sure what the connection to the northwest is (the publisher, Falcon Guides, is located in Helena, Montana) but there's even Georgia Nature Weekends by Terry Johnson published in 2001.

Washington Nature Weekends and the Georgia guide seem to be out of print now but the other two can be purchased directly from the publisher. All four volumes can be found used quite cheaply on Amazon.

If you live elsewhere you should check to see if there might be similar guidebooks that cover your region.

Sometimes all you need is an idea.

Date posted: October 19, 2008


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