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Nikon USA Starts a Blog!

Nikon makes great cameras and lenses. But they've long been known for doing a poor job of letting people know this. Well it seems Nikon USA is out to change this. In conjunction with a major overhaul of their website, they've started a blog to start a dialog with their users on how things are going and what people want in website from Nikon.

The blog is entitled "Your Shot" and started just this week. In the words of Joe, the Corporate and Internet Communications Manager at Nikon Inc, "This blog is a conversation about the site redesign and how it can be made better for you. Your feedback on the site is something that we're taking seriously. We'll be taking comments you leave and using them as the foundation for future posts. This will help make our collective understanding of the site that much stronger."

That sounds encouraging. The easier it is for me to find what I'm are after on Nikon's website the more likely I am to use it as a resource. Just last week I was rebuilding my laptop and wanted to download the latest version of ViewNX from Nikon. Even after I found the product page on their site for ViewNX, there was no link to download it. I had to resort to Google to find it.

For now at least, the blog is focused exclusively on the redesign of the Nikon USA website. You'll still have to find other ways of submitting feedback on products and other Nikon services, but the blog is a great step towards openness and transparency. In this internet age, tapping into the collective experience of their user base via this blog is a good idea. Who knows what the future may hold if this little experiment goes well for them. They could definitely stand to make some usability improvements in their software as well. Don't get me started on Camera Control Pro 2.

This could be the start of something big.

Date posted: March 2, 2008


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