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Petzl Headlamps

Hopefully, if you've spent any time browsing through the images in my Portfolio, I've convinced you that there are good photos to be made at dawn and dusk. Of course, in order to be able shoot at dawn, you need to get where you're going to in the dark, and to shoot the last light of day, you've got to be able to get back to your car after dark (or tent, as the situation dictates).

Petzl TikkaThe obvious answer here is a flashlight, which does work fairly well, but then you've got to hold the darned thing which can get a bit tiring on a couple mile hike back to where you parked. The better solution is a head lamp, and the biggest name in head lamps is Petzl, a company that specializes in extreme outdoor gear. Popular with mountain climbers, the head lamp is basically a compact, powerful flashlight permanently affixed to a headband. The model I use is a Petzl Tikka that is quite small and lightweight, yet brighter than my old trusty Mini Maglite. OK, enough for the Petzl commercial. Just give one a try and see what I mean.

A bonus tip here is to remember to have your flashlight or head lamp with you before the sun sets. Take it from me, it's all too easy to forget one when you're too focused on getting to your destination and getting set up in time for the magic hour. It's already too late when you realize you've forgotten unless you make this part of you mental check list before setting out.

Date posted: December 8, 2002


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