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Photofocus - The Online Magazine for Serious Image Makers

In a sense, this week's tip is a shameless plug for my new affiliation with Photofocus Magazine as a regular columnist. In reality though, it's more than that because of the quality of all the articles you'll find there, not just mine.

Edited by Scott Bourne who is also the Executive Director of the Olympic Mountain School of Photography, Photofocus bills itself as the "online magazine for serious image makers," and deservedly so.

Other articles in the current issue include Rod Barbee's newest article on how to build your own light table, Moose Peterson's debut Photofocus article about being photo-focused in the face of the digital megapixel onslaught, Scott Bourne's tips for the traveling photographer, David Middleton's report from the field, and many others too numerous to mention here. Oh, and of course there's my expanded article on the evils of repeated JPEG compression.

The site has been around for about two years now and is beginning to attract some serious attention. The new issue of Robert Hitchman's Photograph America Newsletter, for instance, has a very favorable article about the site on its back cover.

I'm really quite pleased with the quality of Photofocus as a whole and urge you to take a look at it. It's just that good; never mind that I write for it.

See, it wasn't just a shameless plug after all, now was it?

Update 09/09/2006 - Unfortunately, Photofocus has ceased publication. Due to health reasons, Scott Bourne has been forced to close both Olympic Mountain School of Photography and Photofocus. My thoughts are with him.

Date posted: January 26, 2003 (updated September 9, 2006)


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