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The Problem with Teleconverter (and Some Other) Caps

This week, the solution to a small, but annoying problem.

When you mount a lens on your camera, it has to be aligned in a particular way for the linkage to connect properly. Luckily, there are markings on both camera body and lens that can be used to help line it up correctly. Teleconverters and extension tubes likewise have markings to help you mount them correctly.

Unfortunately, the same care and attention to detail is not always applied to the manufacture of caps for these things, even though they too often need to be lined up correctly to go on without binding. Ever try to mount the cap on a Nikon teleconverter and had difficulty seeing that tiny black-on-black dot that tells you when you have it in the right orientation? Ever mount one incorrectly and had a bit of a panic trying to get it back off? Well, anyway, I have.

The solution to this dilemma is actually a rather simply one. A small dot of white nail polish can be added directly overtop of the existing marking to enable you to see it more easily. I've seen others recommend Testors model paints but I prefer using nail polish since it can easily be removed later with nail polish remover should the need arise. Regardless, the idea is the same. By transforming the marking into something you can actually see, you make it much easier to put these caps on in the field without misaligning them.

Now why couldn't Nikon think of this?

Date posted: April 25, 2004


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Nature Photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond by Bob Johnson

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