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Top Ten List For 2017

It's that time of year again. A time for celebrating. A time for looking back and looking ahead. In other words, a time to review the Top Ten posts for the past year.

# 10 - Bad Advice for Photographers
You can find a lot of advice out there on how to improve your photography. Everyone knows not to believe everything they read, yet some of these same things continue to get recommended. This list from March of questionable words of wisdom was the tenth most popular article here at Earthbound Light for 2017, as rated based on a composite of web server logs, Facebook data, and other metrics. No, you don't need to center your subject in every photo, and shooting with the sun over your shoulder will only serve to create harsh lighting on your subject.

# 9 - There is Only You and Your Camera
When things don't work out as you'd hoped, it can be tempting to search for something to blame. But in truth, there's only you and your camera. Whatever circumstances may befall you, it's up to you what you do with them. And digging deep can teach you as much about yourself as about your camera gear. This article from just last month has sprinted to finish at number nine for the year.

# 8 - How to Hold Your Camera
Holding your camera can seem such a simple thing. Once you stop and think about it though, there are a lot of angles from which to approach the topic. This pause to consider the best way to hold a camera finished the year in eighth place.

# 7 - This is Your Lightroom. This is Your Lightroom on Clouds.
I've been writing for some time now about the probability of Adobe adding Lightroom to the world of Creative Cloud licensing, and this year saw the final move in that direction with the announcement of Lightroom Classic and the ending of the perpetual licensed "boxed" version of Lightroom. This article on the new licensing options finished as the number seven post for the year. Hint, don't miss the number four post if this is a topic near and dear to your heart.

# 6 - Digital Darkroom Mistakes to Avoid
Mistakes can be a fact of life it seems, but there's no need to make ones that are avoidable. Digital darkroom skills are an integral part of being a photographer, and this list of mistakes to avoid came in at number six for the year.

# 5 - Your Photos
The photos you take are your photos. Celebrate this, and get to know your photos. They hold the key to improving as a photographer. This number five post for the year here at Earthbound Light challenges readers to listen to what they are telling them. In all likelihood, I've seen few, if any, of your photos. But you have, and that's what matters here.

# 4 - Brand Loyalty: From Coke Classic to Lightroom Classic
It's probably without question that this year's changes to Lightroom and how users license it was big news. Don't shoot me though; I'm just the messenger. My musings on brand loyalty from October come at a time when at least some longtime Lightroom users began vocally questioning whether Adobe was listening to them. Clearly, this is a topic of interest to many of you, as this article came in at number four for the year.

# 3 - Through the Looking Glass
When Alice went through the looking glass, she entered a new world filled with new sights. When you look through the viewfinder of your camera, the world you see is heavily influenced by your choice of focal length and other settings. What you want to show is up to you. This article on conveying not only what something looks like, but also how you feel about it came in at number three for the year 2017.

# 2 - The Worst Tripod You Can Buy
A tripod is one of those things you know you're supposed to have as a photographer. But lugging one around can be a pain. And most of us would rather spend money on cameras and lenses. OK, so this whole idea of getting the worst tripod you can is a bit tongue in cheek, but it served to make a point. You really should have (and use) a good tripod. This article from February came in at second place for the year. Buy yourself a good tripod for the Holidays. Only us photographers can understand.

# 1 - Straight Out of the Camera
Finishing in first place for all of 2017 was this article on the place and value of the digital darkroom. While a good image may start with what came straight out of your camera, the quest to make it look its best goes far beyond that. When you get right down to it, every image has to be digitally processed post capture. A raw camera image doesn't look that good until converted to a more conventional image format. And there are choices to be made if you want that image to look its best. Images should strive to convey how the photographer felt being there, shooting them.

In short, it's been a great 2017. Thanks to all of you are longtime, regular readers, and to those of you who only recently discovered Earthbound Light. Here's to a great 2018 for us all.

Date posted: December 24, 2017


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