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Snowshoes For Your Tripod

Working with a tripod in the snow can be difficult. Even if you don't sink down to your knees yourself, the legs of your tripod surely will. To make matters worse, if the snow is of any depth, it can be hard to set the tripod down evenly; the legs want to continue spreading out as they penetrate the snow at an outward angle.

Gitzo 1586 All Weather ShoesWell, there is a solution, and an easy one. Gitzo makes what they call their "all weather tripod shoes" or "location shoes" model G1586 (less than $20 from B+H). These clever little guys fit over the caps that come on the ends of the tripod legs. Rubber straps hold the shoes in place, and ridges on the inside of the shoes prevent them from coming off since the caps are thereby trapped in the fitting. The straps adjust to fit varying diameter legs.

For those of you who are Bogen fans, they make a similar model 3255 all-weather shoe for roughly the same price. Either seems like they would fit on most any brand tripod leg that has an end cap.

Date posted: February 3, 2002


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Nature Photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond by Bob Johnson

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