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Resller Ratings Resller Ratings
Over 175,000 reviews of where to buy and where not to buy stuff. If you aren't already familiar with a site, check out Reseller Ratings before buying online.
dpMagic dpMagic
dpMagic is a great little utility for Microsoft Windows that allows you to view thumbnails for most digital camera raw file formats.Very handy indeed.
Qimage Qimage
Having grown from its humble beginnings as a way to print more than one image on a page, Qimage is a veritible Swiss Army Knife of image processing functions including converting from one ICC profile to another.
The Unofficial TIFF Home Page
Created by Niles Ritter, this is a good resource for all things TIFF.
Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)
Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a meta-data standard for cross-application data sharing, workflow automation, rights management, and other useful goals.
I Love Epson I Love Epson
With a text completely in Japanese, many of us will need to be pretty desperate to visit this site, but if you want to know what Epson is working on, this is the site that may just give you a clue. Epson often releases products in Japan a year or so before making them available to the rest of the world.
20 Ways for You to Make My Nature Photography Look Better
Containing such words of advice as "never use a tripod" and "never read the camera manual, " this page is a tongue in cheek look at how not to do well at nature photography.
Luminous Landscape Luminous Landscape
Selected by PC Magazine as one of the top 101 most useful sites on the web, I really should have linked to Luminous Landscape long ago. I visit them regularly and so should you. Michael Reichmann and friends do good work.
Nikonians Blog Nikonians Blog
The latest news from the Imaging and Photo Industry with a Nikonians touch.
Dry Creek Photo Dry Creek Photo
Starting out as a supplier of color profiles for commercial labs around the country, Dry Creek has grown into one of the leading resources on color management. Definitely recommended.

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Nature Photography from the Pacific Northwest and beyond by Bob Johnson


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