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AI Conversions for Nikon Lenses hot
John White's site with everything you want to know about AI conversions, including conversions for "electronic only" bodies such as the F/N80 and D100. hot
Thom Hogan's best known for his definitive Nikon reference books, including the famous Nikon Field Guide. If you own a Nikon camera, you owe it to yourself to read Thom's books. His site continues to grow and now includes a wealth of resources.
Getting High Magnification (Jim Kasson) hot
A great resource for magnification ratios with various Nikon macro setups
Nikon Corporate Press Releases
From Japan, but in English, here's the source for the latest news direct from Nikon.
Nikon F-mount Nikon F-mount hot
Lots of technical information on the Nikon F lens mount.
Nikon Imaging Corpany
Yet another official Nikon site, and a good one at that. News, product announcements, and links to other Nikon sites worldwide.
Nikon Links Nikon Links hot
Nikonlinks offers the most complete list of links to everything Nikon on the web. A useful resource indeed.
Nikon Macro Photography Options hot
There are lots of ways to get closer, even if you don't have a macro (micro) lens. This site covers the gamut from reversing rings to extension tubes and bellows, close-up diopters and stacking lenses.
Nikon PN-11 Electrification for Dummies hot
Nikon's PN-11 extension tube has a rotating tripod collar, but lacks electrical contacts for newer cameras. If you've ever wished for a way to modify it to add them, this is the site for you. Damien Douxchamps deserves a lot of credit for persevering with this project.
Nikon School Nikon School
Billed as "a celebration of photography," the Nikon School now offers not only their traditional course, but a pair of digital classes and an underwater class as well. Always well done, most people find they can learn something from attending a class no matter what their experience level and background.

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